The next settlement to the East of Nolton Haven is a place called Druidstone. These days, there is a curious, quirky hotel right on the headland there, overlooking the sands of Druidstone Haven. The beach here is about a quarter of mile long, protected by rocky outcrops at both ends. A small stream meanders across the sweeping sands as it flows towards the wild Atlantic ocean.

The Esmonds must have lived near here.

It was Christmas Day in 1791 when a tragedy took place. Christmas Day in the old calendar. The people around here at that time celebrated Christmas according to the old Julian calendar even though the change to the Gregorian calendar had been decreed in 1582. Truth be told, there are places in West Wales that still celebrate Hen Galan or The Old New Year’s Day, two weeks after the last chorus of Auld Lang Syne is but a dim, distant memory.

A wooden sailing ship called The Increase was run aground off Druidstone Head. She was carrying a cargo of rum and gunpowder.

Rum and gunpowder.

I could stop here and let you finish the story yourself. Rebecca would have been 22 at the time. I haven't found any evidence to place Rebekha anywhere near this event other than the fact that she lived in the area. At this time, she would have been an unmarried mother aged twenty two. Baby Ann would have been just six months old. I can't know for sure what Rebekha was doing at the time but personally I hope that she was at home minding the baby. However, I find it impossible to believe that she was unaware of such a major event.