Nolton Haven falls within the Landsker region of Wales; an area also known as The Little England beyond Wales. Very little Welsh is spoken in this region. I spent some time during my trip searching through ancient churches and overgrown graveyards. I didn't come across one single gravestone inscribed in Welsh. Also the accent of the Norton locals was a strange mix of West country and Welsh. Going back to my childhood, I can clearly remember that my Grandmother Davies had this accent together with a very negative attitude towards the Welsh language, more or less treating it as a joke. Maybe this attitude came from her Nolton heritage. The peculiar accent was the result of an immigration of folk from the West country. Shortly after the Norman invasion of South Pembroke, large numbers of farmers and agricultural workers were brought to the area in order to make more profit from these newly conquered lands. Three generations after Rebekha’s time, there would be a marriage that linked two branches of my family tree; one indirectly from a Prince of Wales, the other from the branch of William Devereux of Domesday. Apparently he was involved in writing a book…..but there again, that’s another story.