Rebekha Esmond. Now, that is a name that fascinates. I learned that Rebekha had lived right down the other end of memory lane. Sometimes documents spell her name as Rebekha, sometimes as Rebecca. Rebekha couldn't read or write so I've a feeling that maybe she didn't even care how her name was spelled.

Oct 1st, 1769 Baptism, Rebekha,

daughter of John and Jane Esmond.


James Watt invented the steam engine. Captain James Cook, set sail for the South Seas. The Prime Minister divorces his wife then marries his lover. Some things never change.

It was on a crisp Sunday morning, October the first, 1769 when John and Jane Esmond took their daughter Rebekha to the church at the village of Burton in Pembrokeshire. It was the day of her Holy baptism. Afterwards, maybe they stood a while, and small as she was, maybe Rebekha gazed at the wonderful view of the end of the silver ribbon of the river estuary quietly meandering towards Milford Haven and the sea. Perhaps she noticed the pub,

The Jolly Sailor…………..shut…………….Sunday.

Rebekha’s mother and father looking so proud, wearing their Sunday best with the baby wrapped in a Welsh shawl as they sang to the tiny child.

In and out the dusty bluebells.


A glorious little spot and a glorious little moment within The Old Land of My Fathers.